I will do my best to keep everyone up to date on the latest policies that Norwegian has in place regarding cruising, but PLEASE NOTE, it is up to each one of you to make sure you are compliant and aware of all policies and regulations set forth by the cruise line and air lines.

Currently, Norwegian is requiring all passengers, staff and crew to be vaccinated against covid. At this time Norwegian, as well as other U.S. based cruise lines, are trying to obtain permission from the CDC to cruise - they have NOT been operating. So Norwegian is setting the bar high (requiring all be vaccinated) in hopes of getting the CDC to allow cruises to resume. Norwegian is hoping to resume cruises in July. Once they begin to cruise again, we will start learning more about policies and regulations that will affect our specific cruise. It's not just about policies to "get on the ship", it will also be a matter of what the various ports that we visit will require to let you off the ship and in to their country.


I AM NOT AN EXPERT by any means, but I will do my best to relay new information as I learn it. - Jamie

Check out the COVID rider on the Norwegian Travel Protection Plan that you can purchase by clicking HERE.

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